Track Season Preview
Madison Slusser
Monday, March 11, 2019

Track Season Preview

Track season is almost upon us, and senior Maliek Lira is ready to give it his all. After high school, Maliek will move on to run cross country in college. “I will miss my teammates and hard-working coach who pushes me to do my best,” Maliek said.

Selena Ibarra, also a senior, shares the same feeling about the upcoming season, “I’m excited to see what’s to come.” Although Selena confessed that she feels not quite ready to start the season, she remains positive and believes that a little more practice will help. It is safe to say that this season is a bit bittersweet for Maliek and Selena.

The team has been showing promise during practice. Coach Ray West said, “I think we’re going to have a positive season. Hopefully, we can build off of our cross country season where both teams made state. And all of those kids are running in track too.

We have a great freshman class coming in and because lack of high school experience, they might start off a little slow, but once they understand the speed of high school, I think we’ll do really well.” Coach West also emphasized that a lot of promise will be in the 3200 relay and the distance runs.

The high school track team’s first meet is on March 14th in Mena. The track meet at Heavener will be held on April 2nd, so come on out and cheer on our hard-working athletes.