Show Season is Underway!
Gracie Summers
Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Showing Season is Underway!

The showing of livestock around Leflore County is very popular. Many of our Heavener students show and care for animals the which show this season. The competition is very competitive here in Heavener this year.

Junior FFA member Morgan Alexander has been showing since she was 10 years old. She started off showing lambs her first two years and lost interest. Then started showing pigs and fell in love with it and that’s what she has been showing ever since. When asked how she gets prepared for a show she said: “ I usually get my pig ready first by giving it a bath, clipping its hair, and brushing its hair and making sure everything is in line before I go get ready myself.”  In order for herself to be prepared and ready for the show she gets dressed and then mentally prepares her mind, she usually reads a passage of scripture before she goes back into the barn to get ready to go in the ring.

She has won many titles this season. She has won Breed Champion twice, Reserved Breed Champion once, & many 1st places & 2nd place ribbons. Each and every one of them means a lot to her in different ways. What the plaques and ribbons bring up are different memories that she has made with her FFA family along the way. “They resemble hard work and the hours upon hours that went into this activity.” The show session usually starts around the end of December and ends in the middle of March.  

The last show they have is the Oklahoma Youth Expo (OYE) and witch Morgan is very excited for. It is her absolute favorite show of the whole season.  They get to go up to Oklahoma City and stay usually the whole week. “I love it because it’s a great opportunity for us to bond with family.” It is tons of fun and it’s one of the less stressful shows” said, Morgan “It is because you have so much time to do the things that need to get done.” It is also the week of the state basketball tournament games. They actually get week passes and just walk over across the street after they are done showing and go watch the games. “The money is really good also if you win up at OYE.” But can be sad as well because if you win you have to sell your pig.

Showing animals has made a huge impact on Morgan’s life. It has taught her a tremendous amount of responsibility, and how to be calm in stressful situations, and how to humble herself. “ It is by far my favorite thing to do, and I will always have a passion for it !”

    --Gracie Summers