Elementary/Junior High Geography Bee
Keily Brown
Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Elementary/Junior High Geography Bee

The Geography Bee for 5-8th graders was held in the cafeteria on January 29th. The last two contestants came down to Laney Buckhanan and Alanna Contreras, both 5th graders. When competing in the Geography Bee the winner would have the chance to move onto state and national level in Washington DC. The contestants went head to head until the final championship round began, Alanna and Laney went back and forth answering while the crowd stayed on the edge of their seats eager to hear the winning name and Alanna finally got the winning answer.

When asked about preparation Alanna responded, ¨I had about a week to prepare for this and every night I would study for one hour, and coming upon the final night I studied for around four, actually.¨ Alanna admitted she was never really interested in Geography, ¨I just wanted to join because I thought that I could maybe win.¨ She was very ¨proud¨ but also nervous because she was going against one of her best friends. The students were all on the edge of their seat eager to hear the winners name over the speakers.

Alanna won a National Geographic certificate and a medal and also has the chance to move forward to the state and national competitions. If she was to win state she would get a scholarship and winning national her college would also be paid for. Congratulations to Alanna and we wish her the best of luck!

--Keily Brown