Fears and Worries of a Senior
Mackenzie Slusser
Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Fears and Worries of a Senior

Hints of spring electrify the air as the promise of freedom lies on the horizon. The second semester is in full swing and for the class of 2019, graduation is imminent. With time running out, anxiety seems to be setting in among those in twelfth grade. Fear of change is often the underlying cause of many seniors’ anxieties. From relentlessly studying in order to get a good score on the ACT to picking the right college and the right major, senior year can be immensely stressful. It is no wonder the word, “Senioritis” is tossed about so often. After all, change—no matter how big or small—is uncomfortable for most people.

Graduating from high school is the first tremendous change many young people experience. After the dispersal of friends due to attending different colleges, people often find themselves not as close to their friends as they once were during high school. However, for good reason, college is often touted as the place where you find yourself and your lifelong friends. Herein lies the common fear of alienation in college. Youniversitytv.com states, “Some people come from other countries, some were bullied in schools, and some are simply afraid that they won’t be able to make friends. However, alienation in college is almost impossible if you don’t seek it. After all, people who choose the same study program as you most likely will share some of your interests. And even if not, there are still many people out there: they attend various clubs, do different activities, and you can join them if you try.”    

Yes, college is meant to push one out of one’s comfort zone; but without that, how is one supposed to grow as a human being? We need limits and obstacles to overcome because, without them, it would be extremely difficult to find a reason for all of this and why we do the things that we do. College isn’t meant to be a frightening place, although, it may seem that way. Instead, let it represent a way to grow, to change, to become inspired, and to capture one’s zest for life again if it somehow got lost along the way. Do not let fear of failure get between you and your dreams. Youniversitytv.com also says, “If you want to overcome this fear, you have to understand yourself. Think about why failure scares you so much, work on your feelings and even try failing at something. This will help you to realize that failure isn’t actually as scary as it seems.”

Failing is part of life, and when it invariably happens, do not be discouraged. There are seven billion people in this world; someone somewhere has to struggle just as much in the same moment in time that you have. A choice has to be made. One has to decide whether to stand up and try again or lie down and waste away. We have to want whatever we dream about and never give it up. Life throws out obstacles that can be utterly disheartening, but the secret is that they are here for one reason and one reason only: to make us stronger. Don’t give up seniors, freedom is within our grasps, and with that, hope.  

--Mackenzie Slusser