Golf is Here!
Gracie Summers
Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Golf season is underway here in Heavener and our girls have already represented Heavener well. Senior Gracie Summers shot a 93 and was 13th out of 113 and Senior Journey Perdue was 8th out of 113 at Sapulpa. Heavener golf also has a boys team this year that includes Jagger Nichol, Sean Miller, Elijah Vaughn, Zane Aplin, Luke Adren, and Landon Thurman. Their first tournament will be March 25. When asked how her senior season is going Gracie states, “ It is going great I have waited on this season to start I have been hitting the ball so well and I am so excited it is here .” Journey says “It’s going good I am playing the best I have ever played.” 

When the golfers attend golf tournaments they have to leave super early, when asked if that is some times and issue Gracie says “Not really for me I am really a morning person anyway and it gets me ready to go we often have to leave at ether 5:00 in the morning which puts us there an hour early to warm-up so there are no complaints from me.” Both girls when asked if they are ready to make the state tournament they stated: “We are ready and everyone better be ready because the Heavener girls are ready to be in the top ten at state.” 

Sophomore Sean Miller, is a first-year golfer and when asked how he feels about the sport of golf he states: “ It’s honestly so fun. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it at first and I really only joined because Braxton Sullivan mentioned it and I wanted something new, but it’s been a blast so far. The team hasn’t put me down for being bad or anything and it’s been such a great experience. Sean has never participated in a golf tournament before and when asked if he is excited about it he says “Yes absolutely! I’m a little nervous because I’m not that good but I can’t wait.”