Baseball season is already in full swing with the first game being March 2nd, coach Bryan Cartwright was asked what he expects from this season and his response, “I expect the team to grow. I expect them to start doing and appreciate the little things that will help us win.” I asked if the team is doing any new practices and techniques and he responds by saying that they are basically just sticking to the basics “in the end it is just baseball.” 

Senior Graceon Huggins is playing his last year of high school baseball, he has played baseball all his life and all throughout high school also, when asked what his hopes/expectations are he responds, “we have a great coach that’s really gonna work us and I have high expectations, I’ve never had a winning baseball season in high school and I would like to have just one or at least just win districts we haven’t done that in a long time either. I was us to play as long as we can” Graceon expresses how much he loves baseball and how he doesn’t want it to end by saying “It makes me sad that this is my last year because I love it so much but that’s just an even better reason to have a great season. I don’t want to stop playing.”

--Keily Brown