Bath and Body Works--Oh My!
Gracie Summers
Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Bath and Body Works has always been a favorite store of mine, especially during the holiday season.  My favorite thing in the winter collection is the three-wick candle in the scent of Vanilla Bean Noel. This scent I feel like gives your home a fresh vanilla smell during the holidays that your household will fall in love with. This three-wick itself to me is a great purchase for a gift or just to treat yourself. The candles have lasted a long time for me, I have purchased a candle there from last Christmas and I was able to burn the rest of it before I bought a new one this year. 

 The prices of all the candles are all the same they are priced at $24.50 and sometimes they even have a sell on them and it could only cost you $14.50. This candle on the Bath and Body Works website is the most sold holiday scent. 

So give a gift or even treat yourself with a great festive holiday scented candle this holiday season. I promise it will not disappoint you this great holiday season.