Raising Cane's Review
Gracie Summers
Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Raising Cane’s chicken fingers has recently come to the town of Fort Smith, Arkansas and it is making a great dent in the fast-food community there in the city. The fast-food restaurant only serves chicken in only two types of ways and the ways are in chicken strip form and sandwich. Their meals come with french fries a slice of there texas toast and a cup of there special sauce that is only available at Cane’s restaurants. They also brew there own teas and lemonades. The prices of these meals are not all that expensive either, the prices range from anywhere from $7.00 to $10.00, which is often cheaper than your trip to McDonald’s. 

In my opinion, Raising Cane’s is better than any average fast-food restaurant. One of my favorite things about Cane’s is there, food. Their chicken is fresh and hand-battered and you can tell this because it does not have the frozen taste to the food. Their special sauce is also so awesome to dip your whole meal in. The special sauce is called Cane’s Sauce it has a peppery and sweet taste to it and it is so good when it is on the chicken strips itself. The sauce comes with the meal so you don’t even have to ask for it so there is no reason not to try it. The next great thing is their sweet tea. Cane’s sweet tea is freshly brewed every day and so are many other fast-food places around the world but I believe that this sweet tea is different. This tea tastes really good, it does not taste like it has been in the pot for days on end and is old. This tea also has the right amount of sugar for me it is not too sweet or not too unsweet. Other places often have sweet tea that is too sweet or almost too bitter, but at Cane's, it is always good and has always been good every time I go there. Raising Cane’s is located at 7501 Rogers Ave right beside Olive Garden. Make sure you go and try it out it will not disappoint.