Religious Shootings
Madison Slusser
Friday, May 10, 2019

As of late, Christians and Jewish communities have been targeted more and more. Shootings and bombings have been taking place at a rapid pace all around the world. The most recent tragedies occurred on Easter Sunday in Sri lanka and on April 27 in Poway, California.

Three cities in Sri Lanka were targeted. Bombs were placed in churches, hotels, and housing complexes. Around 300 people (including 2 Americans) were killed and over 500 were injured. It was released that the police and other officials were warned as early as April 4th about potential bombings. As of now, it is unknown why there was no move to try and thwart the attacks. Over twenty people were arrested for the bombings and they are believed to be a part of ISIS or an organization closely tied to it.

As for Poway, a 19-year-old student attending Cal State San Marcos entered Chabad of Poway during a celebration for the last day of Passover and opened fire with an assault rifle. A witness said he was wearing a vest with clips stored inside. The suspect was ready to kill as many people as he could. One woman was killed and three others were injured. Among the injured was the synagogue’s rabbi. The suspect, John T. Earnest, was taken into custody soon after he fled the scene. At the moment, the San Diego police have not released his motive but it is said to likely be a hate crime.