Classroom Memories
Gracie Summers
Friday, March 01, 2019

Classroom Memories

The classroom is for learning and sometimes having laugh out loud moments. Here at Heavener High, we have those times almost every hour of every day. There are always people who are class clowns, and always have something to say to make the class not so boring sometimes. We know how to have a great time while learning here at Heavener High. Here are some funny and great stories that Heavener students themselves are willing to share for you to have a great laugh today.  

  Junior Morgan Alexander: “I was in Mrs. Cruse’s fourth-hour class and all of the sudden we are all hearing people banging on the back door of the school, while we were trying to have class. Then, all of the sudden Mrs. Cruse went from sweet and innocent to scary. She yelled at them with a manly voice. It made the whole class jump. But when she came back into class, she acted as if nothing happened.”

 Junior Gracie Summers says: “One time, during my freshman year here at Heavener High. I was in my fourth-hour and the class I was in was algebra I with Mr. Travis Cook. I had a pack of pull-and-peel Twizzlers that I brought to school that day.  He saw that I had them, and then he said “Those are my favorite,” and soon asked if he could have one and I said yes you sure can. I was getting up to go give him the Twizzler and he stopped me and said throw it to me. I threw it to him and may I just add that I was in the back corner of the classroom when I threw the Twizzler. Anyway, he missed it and leaned all the way back in his desk chair and fell out of the chair and hit his head on the window seal. The whole class laughed and I was so worried about Mr. Cook. He laid there for a minute and then got up to find out that the window seal is broken

Senior Jaycee White says: “I walked into my history classroom with one of my girlfriends. We sat down and when my male teacher stood up, he and I were wearing the exact same shirt! So, of course, I burst out laughing and so did my friend. It was so embarrassing but yet so funny and unforgettable.”

Junior Kelsey Bottoms says: “One time during my sophomore year we went out to the AG barn during my ag class. We went out there because we had to give pig shots. Some of us just stayed on the bus. While they were all in the building, Ashlyn Moody got in the driver’s seat and acted like she was our driver and announces stuff over the intercom in the bus. To this day, I still have the videos from it because it was so funny.”

Junior Mollie Oliver states:“ One time during my freshman year Mrs.Scarberry and Brandon Crase were having a cheer off, then Brandon tried to outdo the teacher in a cartwheel contest and hit the projector with his feet.

By Gracie Summers