Is it Worth It?
Gracie Summers
Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Morphe 35W is a palette that I have recently purchased off of the Morphe website. In my opinion, It is a great palette to add to my collection.  These eyeshadows are highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. Super soft and easy to blend.

This palette has a sleek black case that holds 35 amazing shadows. It has mattes and shimmer shadows included. The color range also presents a great deal of artistic freedom.  You can create a look that is more neutral and wearable, or something dramatic and smokey, or even something with a lot of different colors. The cost of this palette on the website is $24. To me, that is a lot cheaper than most high-end eyeshadow palettes that have almost the same colors, and same quality.  After using this palette for over a week now and have done many looks, I can say that is palette is one that I will be using for a while, and will not be giving away.

My overall thoughts of this palette are that it has a great range of colors, with relatively good pigmentation, and is very cheap compared to other palettes that have similar quality of eyeshadows. This palette would be great for different skill levels, whether you are just starting out with makeup, or if you are very experienced and feel comfortable with eyeshadow. I definitely approve of this palette.  I am going to say the Morphe 35W is worth the purchase!

--Gracie Summers