Books: Why They Are Important
Madison Slusser
Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Books: Why They Are Important

Literature has helped improve lives in a myriad of ways. Books can help one to feel comfort when other methods cannot help quite as much as what is needed. Books have the ability to enable us to—metaphorically speaking—step into new worlds, if only to escape our hectic lives for just a little bit of time. Not only does reading help reduce stress, it also stimulates imagination and helps induce creativity. This stimulation to the mind is remarkably beneficial to all who read books consistently, or even on a sort of regular basis.

           Among the benefits of reading is that one can introduce oneself to new things, such as discovering new hobbies, learning about ways to reach personal goals, and a multitude of other things. One can learn something that they might not have learned otherwise through reading. Critical thinking skills are further developed as well, which is an appreciable feat that is important in life. Improvement in concentration also stems from reading. It is proven that in just as little as twenty minutes of reading a day can help a great deal in increasing the ability to concentrate.

Books are filled with life lessons, helpful insight, and interesting perspectives on life.

Sometimes, to read another’s inspiring story and learn of his or her’s own hardships is exactly what one needs in a moment of melancholic feelings. It allows one to feel that they are not alone through difficult times. I stumbled upon a memoir during a time that I was feeling sort of downcast and defeated. I was surprised to find that the author was going through the same kind of feelings during the time he wrote about. His story helped me to find my way out of the gloominess and realize that I am not the only one who will ever feel that way. Books have a strangely unique way of providing comfort, and it is almost unmatchable.  

Literature, in fact, is so significant that there is a World Book Day celebrated on April 23rd. This day intends to coax children to read and reap the benefits and rewards that come from reading. An interesting fact about why World Book Day is celebrated on this date is that it is the date of death for many renowned authors, such as William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, and a number of others.

Each and every book out there is a whole new universe waiting to be discovered. If one does not like where they are, all they need to do is grab a book and be transported. Without books, life wouldn’t quite be the same.

--Madison Slusser