Future Job Aspirations
Keily Brown
Tuesday, January 29, 2019

As children we all dream of being something whether it’s a veterinarian, firefighter, teacher and anything other you can think of. Being in high school your dreams and wishes really start to become a reality. In the younger grades, I always wanted to be a teacher, I have absolutely no clue why I chose that because I was always a really shy girl but for a while, that was my “dream.” Now once I started getting into the high grades I started becoming interested in more complex things I guess you could say. I have been in and out of hospitals practically all my life so this is where my Medical phase comes in, from about fifth grade up until about eighth I wanted to be a “world-renowned anesthesiologist,” and run an ER. I chose to cut that off just here recently, I feared my math grade would never be high enough to get into anesthesiology and no matter how much effort I put into trying to raise my grade it never seemed to get any better, I would enjoy going into the medical field though.

Now my current aspiration is Criminology and my mom has a huge part in this. Growing up I would come home from school and the ID (investigation discovery) channel would be on, my mom has always been interested in criminology and the different types of shows that would air. In the beginning, I hated watching those types of things it made me extremely uncomfortable but as I got older I just became more and more interested in them. The study of Criminology has interested me for a while now, and moving into the high grades and becoming more interested in it I have hopefully made up my mind. I am currently looking into criminal justice programs in colleges and have a few interviews coming up. My main concern with going into the criminal field is my boundaries and how far I will be able to push myself physically. And not to sound dramatic but I am so passionate about this that I will do anything I possibly can to go into criminology.

Criminology is the study of crime and criminals, in the criminal field you have so many options and I’m still currently debating on being a criminologist/psychologist or going into forensics, and Medical is still on my mind. Just something about getting into the mind of a criminal and trying to find out why they did the things that they have done seems so fascinating to me. Forensics is also something that is very fascinating to me. But I try not to stress out about college too much at this point in time, I still have a good two years before I have to make up my mind. Most kids my age really don’t care or know what the want to do with their future, so I am quite proud of myself for stepping up and getting involved before it’s too late.

--Keily Brown