Things I Wish I Had Known
Gracie Summers
Tuesday, January 29, 2019

When you are a freshman, you are only told the basic stuff like where Mrs. Scarberry’s room is, or where the Art room is. Yet no one tells you personal things that you wish you would have known up front that could help you get through your years of high school. Many people have willed to give their advice to all classes.

Senior Shaylee Cripps gives things she wishes she knew as a freshman she and said, “Your group freshman year won’t stay a whole group all through high school.” This is a common thing in high school, many go their separate ways and find new friends. The second piece of advice she gave me was,“ Even when you feel like you’re alone, you really aren’t. Learn how to branch out some.” This is great advice you are never alone even if you think you are. You also need to learn how to branch out and step out of your comfort zone. The last advice she gave me is, “Join a club, organization, or sport. It will make your high school years much more enjoyable.” You are in high school for four years and you might as well make the best of it and maybe join the basketball team, cheerleading, track, or any organization like FCCLA and FFA.

Senior Veronica Stallings also said when asked if she could give things she wishes she knew as a freshman, “ I wish I knew not to take high school drama so seriously.” After you graduate you probably will not remember the things that other people say to you or even what they do. It will make you upset and mad at first, but it is only temporary. You will soon forget. When you are done with high school you will probably forget what their name is anyway.

Veronica also says that she wishes she knew how to properly do her eyebrows freshman year. She then goes on saying that she wishes she would have known how fast her high school years would fly by.

Junior Jayda Janway says also that she wishes she would have known that you don’t have to stay with your friends from junior high. You can branch out and still be accepted. Also, she wishes that she would have known that GPA is important and your freshman year is the building block of how it’ll be the rest of your high school career. She then goes on to say that she wishes that things that happened during junior high, freshman year, and sophomore year will not matter when you are an adult or when you graduate. “I wish I knew that things weren’t such a big deal, and to let them go.”

--Gracie Summers