Road Trip?
Gracie Summers
Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Many high school students get to take trips to many different places around the United States. Adrianna Luman is one of the many here at Heavener that gets the opportunity to go on many great trips. When asked to tell about one of her favorite trips she has been on she says, ”I have been to many different places so it is kinda hard to pick one, but one of my most favorite trips was when we took a road trip to South Dakota. We went to a bunch of different really neat places there, and it was a really cool trip one year and that was probably one of my favorite places I have ever visited.

   There are many places people want to go around the world. Adrianna has always wanted to go to Thailand. Ever since she had a foreign exchange student from there. She thinks it would be a super cool place to visit. A lot of people go on trips during fall break, Christmas break, and spring break. Adrianna has two trips planned during spring break and during the summer. She is going to Hawaii during spring break and she is super excited to go on this trip. It is where she has wanted to go for a long time now and she can not wait. She is also going on a cruise for her senior trip.  It is going to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, St. Thomas, Grand Turks. She is also so excited about that trip.

    Sometimes when you go on trips with family and friends it is most likely you have some funny moments during your trip and with the people you attended that trip with.  Adrianna says “there is never a dull moment with my family, so we have a ton of funny stories from our vacations.” She soon goes to tell me one of the stories she has in mind. “ One time we were at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We were about to go to the park for the first time that trip. While we were walking to the car, my brother Dalton misplaced someone else’s car for ours. He opened the door and was getting in, ignoring us yelling at him. He was almost in the car before he realized that it was not ours. We made fun of him the whole trip and we still do. ” There is also another story she is willing to share.”  There is another story in Disney, from when I was younger that always comes up. There was this place the Animal Kingdom where kids could dig for “fossils”. Well, my Dad was doing that with me, and when his tooth apparently fell out. We never found it, so a little kid most likely picked it up thinking they found some special fossil.” “That is just a glimpse of how vacations are with my family. We always have so much fun and exciting times, and also making memories that will last forever.”