Humans of Heavener Pt. 2
Humans of Heavener Pt. 2
Keily Brown
Friday, November 16, 2018

Humans of Heavener

Everybody has some type of breakup story whether it ended horribly or neutral, A student at Heavener high has definitely had his fair share with breakups, more particular this one. He was in this relationship for a good while until he had decided it was too much to handle. “I really liked her for the first couple months, she let me do basically anything I wanted to do, But I was never allowed to talk to anyone other than her, she would get jealous then would just start arguments.” He went to some haunted houses with a few friends and after that is when he noticed she became more controlling over what he did or who he seen. “If I wasn’t at basketball or football practice I had to be at her house” he tried many times to end things between them two but every time he tried she would cry and then he just “felt like a douche.” During their relationship he had lost most of his very close friends due to how controlling she was, he had one good friend that stood by him through it all, and eventually even tried to stop that from happening.

Finally, he decided it was enough, she had ended most of his friendships, broke a lot of bonds he had with family, and has even ruined past relationships. He packed up everything she had ever given him and took it to her house, he explained he was no longer to handle it anymore, she then asked if they could continue to be “friends,” he agreed but started to slowly recognize she continued to act like they were still together. He then blocked her and tried to forget about this horrible experience, because of this experience he is scared to post about, make known, or even tell anyone he is in any relationship due to her threatening and the possessive attitude, although he has done everything to forget it all his friendships and relationships will never be the same.