Veterans Day
Veterans Day
Keily Brown
Monday, November 12, 2018

Celebrating Veterans Day

November 11th is a day to honor US Veterans and the men and women who have lost their lives in battle, Veterans day is the anniversary of the end of World War I and also called Armistice day, it became known as Veterans day in 1954. Dillan Stallings a former Heavener High school graduate and three-sport athlete always knew he wanted to fight for his country “growing up I've never seen myself doing anything else.” Dillan had a lawnmower accident as a child which cut off his big toe on his left side, he was always so scared he wouldn’t be able to pursue in his dreams, “ I never knew if I could get in because of it.” learning how to walk again was a struggle but once mastered he never let that stop him in becoming what he had always dreamt of doing. Dillan began basic training in Ft Benning, Georgia then lived/worked in Ft Campbell Kentucky which is a world-class army home, he was then drafted to Africa in August of 2015.

Dillan chose to go into infantry “they're the people on the ground,” Dillan said. “They do all the dirty work, and most are a supporter of the infantry.” Even as a child he would play out in the yard and “shoot the bad guys,” to Dillan serving his country makes him feel like he is doing something important, He is excited to see where his career goes, of course, he is nervous but he has always wanted to do this, so more excited than anything.

Dillan eventually married his high school sweetheart Kaylee, and later welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Natalee into this world, and are now expecting another baby due in December. Dillan will be someone his family will always look up to, and many others around him will do the same. Dillan is set to head off to Afghanistan in January for 9 months and will continue to further his career, I thank Dillan and every other soul who has fought for our country, they are the reason we have what we have today and for that I thank you.