Moving Up
Gracie Summers
Monday, October 01, 2018

Moving up from middle school to high school can be a challenge for some. Leaving the teachers and knowing where classes are can be a difficult change for some.

For Sean Miller, high school wasn’t too big of a transition from junior high as he thought. He says, “A lot of older kids have helped with the transition as well.” As of now, he is in the band and plays snare on the drumline.  Plus, he is one of the four freshmen representatives on the student council. He misses junior high because he was captain of the academic team. All of his teammates are in the grade below him, so it was hard for him to leave them behind. When asked how his high school experience has been so far, he said “My experience has been great! I actually really like all my teachers, and classmates, so that has helped make it amazing. I can’t wait for more.”

-Gracie Summers