Stem Projects Gives Back
Keily Brown
Tuesday, September 25, 2018

STEM Project

Recently, Mr. Oldaker, our STEM teacher, worked with his students to create a device to help children with cerebral palsy.  Typically, children with cerebral palsy will walk on their toes instead of using a “normal” gait have a condition known as cerebral palsy and children with this condition experience a lot of muscle weakness and problems walking. Mr. Oldaker and his students are building a boot for the children to wear that would force them to walk normally rather than on their toes. By wearing this boot, the children have a better chance of walking normally.

“I know they experience a lot of pain by standing on their toes, so I plan to fix that,” Mr. Oldaker said about the reason he decided to do this project. His students are going into their second week working on the project because they could not get the boot to work quite properly so they completely started over. The students are very hopeful that they can get this to work and are very excited to see the outcome.

--Keily Brown