Cool Like You Album Review
Cool Like You Album Review
Madison Slusser
Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Rating: ★★★

     The Blossoms, an Indie pop-rock band from England, released their second album, Cool Like You, on April 27th. The album showcases synthesizers more so than guitars, a not-so-noteworthy feature for those who eagerly awaited new music from the band. Cool Like You, although it has instrumental changes, still follows the sound of their first album, Blossoms.

     The first track, “There’s A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls),” starts the album with an upbeat melody reminiscent of The Killers. As the album goes on, it becomes clear that the direction the band is taking with their music is going to be underwhelming. The only other track that stands out is “I Just Imagined You.” This song definitely sounds like their first album and is what was expected of the band’s new music. The album would have been much better if the Blossoms would have expanded on melodies and riffs like the ones included in this song. It is catchy and is what I thought the album was going to sound more like.

     The album does not make a huge impression when listening and is, unfortunately, forgettable. This album is good for atmospheric background music when you’re not really paying attention to what is playing. A guitar and drum-driven edge is what the Blossoms need. Instead of following the Doors-like sulky romance featured in the first album, the band opted for mainstream pop vibes. The Blossoms are talented enough to have done a much better job on expanding their music and sound. Hopefully, the band will find their perfect sound for the sake of their fans.