A few minutes with Mrs. Hurst
A few minutes with Mrs. Hurst
Gracie Summers
Monday, April 23, 2018

Mrs. Janet Hurst is one of our counselors at Heavener High. She went to college at the University of West Florida and received her bachelor’s degree. Then went to East Central University for her Master’s in counseling and her certifications for School Psychometrist and School Psychologist.

She has been working her at Heavener High for 21 years. When asked what was her first memory of school is she said “ I remember being in Mrs.Conrad’s Kindergarten class and practicing writing. Back in the day, we had to keep our paper straight when writing and that was hard for me. I always wanted to turn my paper in towards me. I also remember doing flashcards to learn the alphabet and the letter “W” was the hardest for me to remember. Of course, all of my classmates  probably remember the colored construction paper that was cut out into circles and placed on a popsicle stick that taught us our colors.”

Her favorite sports to watch are softball basketball and track. If she could take her students anywhere on a field trip it would be to France. She shows her school spirit by wearing purple and gold! She always yells for our teams. She says, “you have probably heard me.”