Getting to Know Mrs. Bobby
Getting to Know Mrs. Bobby
Madison Slusser
Thursday, March 29, 2018

Getting to Know Mrs. Bobby

Mrs. Bobby Johnson began work at Heavener as a substitute teacher, then she began work as a paraprofessional, helping a handicapped child. Being a paraprofessional helped her get started with her current office job. Mrs. Bobby has been at Heavener for nine years and isn’t quite that ready to retire just yet.

“It was a great job! There are children that need extra help and it was a pleasure to work with them,” she said about her time as a paraprofessional.

Before her time at Heavener, Mrs. Bobby held positions at the District Attorney’s office, the County Commissioner’s office, an insurance office, and the Heavener Ledger. Her husband once owned the Ledger, so she wrote stories for the newspaper, interviewed with people, and took pictures. “It was a lot of typing!” she expressed. Although, out of all of her previous jobs, she loves working at Heavener the best. “I love the interaction and getting to see kids go through their four years, graduate, and make something great out of their lives.”

When asked what it is like to be in charge of the front office she replied, “It is stressful sometimes! It is like a circus sometimes, but they’re my monkeys, so it’s okay!”

Mrs. Bobby has also been quite the world traveler. She has gone to Greece, Rome, Switzerland, the Bahamas, and nearly every state in the U.S. “I would move to Greece if I could! Everyone is so nice there, everywhere you go. The food is wonderful; a real Greek salad is to die for! All of the food is just so fresh.” she reflects about her travels.

Q: Favorite decade?

Mrs. Bobby: The 60s! Not the bad, ugly stuff of the 60s, but the good stuff. The music and the clothes. I love bell bottoms! It sure was different back then.

Q: Have you ever learned to play an instrument?

Mrs. Bobby: My grandmother and mother played the piano by ear, but I have no talent. You would run if you heard me play!

Q: Favorite tv shows?

Mrs. Bobby: Everybody Loves Raymond is a favorite of mine and, of course, Seinfeld. I also love to watch the travel channel and the food channel. I like to watch those cooking competitions they have. You learn stuff from them!

--Madison Slusser