Basketball is on the Way
Gracie Summers
Friday, October 27, 2017

          Basketball is Back !

 Coach Glover, a former coach at Heavener is now coaching the boys basketball team. He also coached baseball last year for the Wolves.

GS: How do you feel about the team so far?

Coach Glover: The boys are really working hard and we have gotten a lot accomplished so far. I am pretty pleased with the effort, but of course we have a long ways to go.

GS: How many players do you have?

Coach Glover: Including freshman, we have 23 guys out there right now.

GS: Do you plan on doing any fundraisers?
Coach Glover: Not sure, usually the tip in club will probably have us do some fundraisers and stuff to help out, but we do not have anything planned right now.

GS: What changes do you want to see happen this year?

Coach Glover: I just want to see the kids enjoy it a little bit more and a little bit more effort. To play for themselves a little bit and try to improve on things that they have let go of  I would like to see little bit more pride in the school.
GS: How long do your practices last?

Coach Glover: Right now we are going up to 2 hours when season comes around we will probably shorten them up but we could go up to 3 hours right now.

Coach Muse is also the new girls basketball coach for this year he said, “I am really excited about this basketball season, we have a nice core of returning players with a group of young girls who are improving daily. I believe we can have a really good season if we stay healthy. We have 20 girls out from 9th to 12th grade.”

Their first games are in the Hartford Tournament. Make sure    you go and support the Hometown Heavener Wolves!