Meet the Academic Team
Meet the Academic Team
Madison Slusser
Thursday, October 26, 2017

The academic team started their season of competition on Monday, October 9th. After a rough start at districts due to the absence of three key players, the team is showing progress. When asked about the team, Mrs. Scarberry replied, “This year our team is pretty young, generally there are several seniors on a team but this year we only have two. That would be Samuel Hester and Shelby Smith. We are young, but the kids seem more dedicated than in previous years for coming to practice and really working hard to get better. Believe it or not, there is a strategy to playing and I see a bright future for the team.” The academic team’s next event is the regional meet, which is on November 11th. Then, the full team will be together and will surely come out on top.

“Our team is composed of several promising players. Our biggest problem right now is age. Young students sometimes face the challenges of not having taken classes yet that the academic bowl questions will cover. We have a few players that are still a bit buzzer shy, but we are getting better all of the time.” Mrs. Scarberry commented.


Sr. Samuel Hester

Sr. Shelby Smith

Jr. Aspin Sanders

Jr. Seth Anderson

So. Lillian Smith

So. Edwin Martinez

So. Cactus Shipman

So. Ely Stepp

Fr. Elijah Cook

Fr. Darren Sanders