Destiny 2 Review
Nikki Cruse
Monday, September 18, 2017

I’ve spent a lot of time in Destiny 2. Like 50+ hours., In that time, I’ve become pretty well acquainted with this game. Destiny 2 released September 6th and was surprisingly received very well. Destiny 1 was rated fairly below average because of it’s lack of content, randomness of gear drops, and outright insane difficulty. Destiny 2 looked to change that. In Destiny 2, gear drops have been increased drastically and the difficulty has been scaled down because they are trying to gear towards the more casual player. The game also has a plethora of content. After all the time I have spent playing the game, I am not even halfway through all it has to offer. Destiny 2 only has about 15 main missions that would take you around 8 hours to complete. There are also side missions called adventures. The adventures are not just filler though. They are 20ish minute side quests that fully flesh out the story to its full potential.

Another thing Destiny 2 improved from its predecessor is patrols. In Destiny 1, patrols were small worlds with the same repetitive missions that didn’t change for 3 years. In Destiny 2, patrols are vast open worlds that you can explore, play adventures,public events, and lost sectors, which are mini dungeons that you can find hidden in the world. The graphics have also significantly improved, with planets like “Nessus” which is a moon of Uranus, looks amazing with wide red plains, huge waterfalls, and giant structures. In closing, Destiny 2 is a great game, and a major improvement from Destiny 1, which I thought was a pretty good game in itself. I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoyed the first game, enjoy FPS, or just want to play a great game in general.

By Seth Anderson of The Wolf Howls