Interview With a Choir Veteran
Interview With a Choir Veteran
Seth Anderson
Thursday, August 31, 2017

Steven Raymond is a senior here at Heavener High. He has been in choir for 4 years now. When why he wanted to join choir, he said, “I needed an art class and this counted.” He obviously took a liking to it, as he stuck with it until the end. Steven is also thinking about going to college and trying out for the choir there. The choir this year only has 10 students, but when I asked Steven if he thought they had a good chance in any competitions this year he said that they might have a chance to win. Steven is showing lots of confidence in his choir and he seems to be somewhat of a leader among them, seeing as he is the only senior in there. Next, I asked him what was his favorite year and he said “senior year.” Finally, he said that he had not yet earned any singing awards,  but he could be trying to earn a few in his last year. Steven also said that he “is ready to graduate” but he was also going to remember all the good times he had in choir. He also asked to add that he was a “boolin young boi,”  what that means is still unknown.

By Seth Anderson of The Wolf Howls

Photo Credit: Seth Anderson