Humans of Heavener, Pt. 7
Humans of Heavener, Pt. 7
Keily Brown
Saturday, April 13, 2019

Humans of Heavener

High school seems to be getting more stressful as the years progress, I asked a senior student at Heavener High, “Why do you think today’s teens are so overwhelmingly stressed?” She responds, “I’m in my senior year right now, I’ve been so stressed this year with so many deadlines. I get on an average of five hours of sleep with homework and studying, There are very few days I get more than that. And there are times where I almost fall asleep in class but I force myself to stay awake. I do remember this one time I fainted from having only three hours of sleep and from being stressed at school.”

I then asked my final question, “ Who is your biggest inspiration? And why?” she said “My inspiration would be my history teacher Jeff Chronister. Being in his class had a big part in my decision to become a journalist.” In the end, high school can be extremely exhausting, stressful, and just straight up feels impossible at times but us high schools students continue to beat the odds every time