Ten Reasons Why We Love Soccer
Madison Slusser
Tuesday, January 15, 2019
  1. The teammates that not only became my friends but my family.

  2. Love the feeling of victory.

  3. Making memories with the whole team.

  4. I love the commitment we all have. Win or lose, we’re still a team.

  5. It’s fun being a part of a team.

  6. It helps me maintain good grades.

  7. The bus rides are always fun.

  8. It pushes me to better myself.

  9. I love the excitement.

  10. It pushes me out of my comfort zone.

Win or lose, Heavener High School’s soccer teams will always stick together and remain dedicated. They will try their hardest at bettering themselves. Many friendships have been made. Those friendships have provided a sense of loyalty and unity among the team members. It is apparent that the players have each other’s backs, and that will never change.

The players share several similar favored aspects of the sport, whereas some share a bit of different insight. A significant reason why the Wolves love soccer is the familial friendships that have been made. Family may not always mean blood relation, but, nevertheless, those relationships can be among the strongest. To quote “Fast and Furious,” “I don’t have friends. I have family.” A sentiment that I think describes these friendships. A second shared reason the players love soccer is the feeling after winning a game. Victory is one of the best feelings after working hard toward a goal. Senior Brent Laneave said that the physical work one has to put in is one aspect of soccer that he loves. Nothing feels better than conquering physical goals and knowing that the hard work will pay off immensely.

Soccer involves a lengthy amount of time spent together usually having fun. Making memories with the whole team was a top reason on the players’ lists. Along with that, the bus rides to and from games—which sometimes consist of “jam sessions”—seem to be quite cherished by the players. Not only does soccer bring about fun times, but it also helps the players to keep their schoolwork grades in check if they want to continue playing. Commitment is essential for the Wolves soccer teams, and the players show that they have dedication.

Senior Selena Ibarra says, “I love soccer because it helps open my mind and it’s something to look forward to.” To have something that frees one’s mind is key to remaining as stress-free as possible, even through difficult times when the stress levels are on high.               “It pushes me out of my comfort zone,” says senior Jackie Perez. High school students can highly benefit from these things that go hand-in-hand with soccer. To step out of one’s comfort zone and to participate in activities that free the mind can be very helpful in becoming a person that is active and successful in life while remaining focused. Through good times and bad, the Wolves soccer teams continue to support each other.