Basketball Season is Coming
Madison Slusser
Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Basketball Season Preview

The season of basketball is almost upon us. For some, it is the very last chance to play basketball in high school. For others, well, they are just getting started. It is now time for the team to make Heavener High School proud and create a legacy for newcomers to follow.

Getting ready for the season requires hard work and a tremendous amount of time. Senior Braxton Sullivan goes to the gym every morning before school to prepare for the season. The team gets together on weekends to have shooting time as well. “I am excited to see how our hard work pays off and see if we can carry on what the seniors last year started.” Braxton, Elijah Cook, and Talon Cogburn each feel optimistic about the coming season.

Junior Talon Cogburn participates in cross country as well as basketball, making it easy to transition into the demanding practice for basketball. He tries to get in an hour of shooting time to get back into the rhythm before the season begins. “I am excited to see all of the young talent that we have come together. We will have a winning season for sure.” Though Talon does occasionally miss out on academic activities due to his busy sports schedule, he remains positive. “That is to be expected of any sport. It is our duty as athletes to take care of our job.”

Elijah Cook, who is also in cross country, shares the same sentiment regarding conditioning. “You’re definitely in shape for basketball after cross country, but as far as shooting and handling the ball, you just have to get back in it and get used to it.” Teamwork is essential in forming a good basketball team. “There are going to be a lot of guys out there that are better than me and just working with them helps me to be a better player,” Elijah stated.

Coach Glover is quite optimistic about the team this season. He stressed that the team is working really hard and getting in shape. He expressed that they have each other’s backs and are getting to the point where they are like brothers out there on the court. Coach Glover confessed that this is one of the better groups that he has had in the aspect of working together and getting along. “We have a lot of depth. A lot of guys can play, we’ve got quite a bit of size, and we’re very athletic. I’m really excited for the size and athleticism. I think we’ll be fun to watch.”

Motivation is one of the key factors in bringing the team together. Coach Glover conveyed that the motivation has to come from the players themselves. “I think they are hungry for winning because it has been a few years since a really successful season.” Motivation and inspiration stem from the coaches as well. Braxton reflects, “I love the coaches. Coach Glover is a cool guy and Coach Carter is a really smart coach and knows a lot about the game. I am really excited to have them.”

The first game is on November 30th at Talihina. Come on out and support the team!