Remembering 9/11
Keily Brown
Monday, September 24, 2018

9/11 is something that is imprinted in our brains forever and will never be forgotten, Mrs. Martin remembers this day clearly she was working in an office in Ft. Smith Arkansas, she was as accountant at the time.  When first hearing about the news Mrs. Martin “didn’t think it was real.” along with a few other coworkers they went down to lobby to watch this tragedy unfold, nobody even considered it to be terrorists attacks. Until the second plane hit after this the City of New York was terrified for their lives. Some people would describe it as “slow motion” and couldn’t even begin to understand what was going on.

Mrs. Valerie Martin is one of those people. I asked how the rest of her day went after hearing the news her response, “I was not productive” and  “ it felt like everything just stopped, and we didn’t know what was going to happen next.” When asked what aspects of American life changed after this event Mrs. Martin states “ I think our trust changed drastically, we were scared of other countries and for our safety.”

Four planes were hijacked and the world was completely devastated by the 9/11 attacks. In the twin tower attacks on its own 2,606 lives were lost, 125 in the Pentagon, and on the four planes all together 265. My heart goes out to all that has been affected by this horrific act.

--Keily Brown