The Drama Club is back in Action
Madison Slusser
Tuesday, September 05, 2017

The Drama Club’s first performance will be around late November to early December. The club is considering a few different plays right now, and plan to start rehearsing by mid September. When asked what she is most excited for this year, Mrs. Scarberry replied, “I am most excited for our fall play. We plan on continuing with expanding our plays from skits to full performances with multiple acts, elaborate stage sets, and, of course, great acting.” I then asked Mrs. Scarberry if she felt confident with her group this year, she said, “Each of these new students are charismatic, outgoing, and are showing themselves to be zealous learners. They all bring a different personality and style to the table, making our class truly diverse.”

Drama Members:

Sam Graziano

Dakota Morrison

Aspin Sanders

Selsa Jacinto

Laura Culpepper

Kieran Burgess

Seth Anderson

Edwin Martinez

Lake Pscenik

Braden Baker

Isaac Trayer

Jayda Janway

By Madison Slusser of The Wolf Howls